Nanjing new year about 2000 parking spaces


 Nanjing new year about 2000 parking spaces

With the rapid development of the city, parking is difficult, especially in the old city parking is becoming increasingly prominent. In April 28th, the modern express reporter from the city people's air defense meeting was informed that in 2016 the Nanjing new air defense project car nearly 44000, before the end of this year, Nanjing will build up the River Road Underpass of civil air defense projects, parking lot construction of the main structure completed high school, Tin Ka Ping middle school, school, people's Spring Lake stadium 4 Engineering, Xintian about 2000 parking spaces to ease the old residential parking difficult issues.

 Nanjing new year about 2000 parking spaces

This year added 2000 parking spaces, the construction of Guangzhou road and the intersection of closed, pedestrian crossing

To alleviate the difficulties of parking in old residential areas, in recent years, Nanjing City Air Defense Office dug deep near the campus stadium for the old residential parking, emergency". Has completed the Catholic underground parking village, Confucius Temple East pailou, an Huai road and a number of civil air defense engineering field. In the construction of the Spring River school, South Lake stadium, Tin Ka Ping high school and people's middle school four projects, a total of about 2000 parking spaces available. These projects to what extent?

According to the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office of the relevant person in charge, at present, South Lake stadium and people's Middle School of civil air defense engineering has completed the main cap; the completion of a construction period of the main spring school of civil air defense engineering; excavation and construction completed the implementation of the main 80% Gulou District Tin Ka Ping School of underground civil air defense engineering. Much attention to the public through the streets of the Yangtze River civil air defense works, is currently organizing pipelines, trees moved, are preparing for the two phase of construction.

By the end of this year, will complete the Tin Ka Ping school and other 4 Civil Air Defense public parking lot construction of the main structure, adding about 2000 parking spaces to alleviate parking problems surrounding the old campus. At the same time, built the Yangtze River pass Street channel civil air defense works to restore road traffic. Construction of the Guangzhou road and the intersection of closed, pedestrian crossing air defense project.

4 subway P+R transfer center of civil air defense projects landing Jubaoshan, Kim road open during the construction of P+R transfer center, has a significant role to ease traffic congestion in the city center. City Air Defense Office official said, in recent years, Nanjing in the new civil air defense works, giving priority to similar mitigation urban traffic congestion prominent project.

This year, Nanjing will actively integrate civil air defense construction and urban construction, and promote the construction of air defense projects at the 4 subway transfer centers. The Baoshan subway station of civil air defense engineering concern to the public, has now completed the expert review research design, geological prospecting units and project bidding. Gold road civil air defense works, after the MTR resources company to determine the ground construction program, and then optimize the adjustment of underground construction program. Metro Line 2, the road on the south side of the civil air defence engineering, design, research, geological prospecting units bidding and cooperation agreement, according to the plan to suspend the implementation of the current. Liuzhou East Road air defense works, the completion of the design and research units bidding. In addition, the feasibility study and evaluation demonstration of the 4 reserve projects on the streets of Meishan have been completed.

In these projects, this year will strive to start construction of Baoshan Road, gold and other 2 projects. After the completion of the vehicle can usually be intercepted into the city, to achieve traffic changes, to maximize the ease of urban traffic congestion pressure.

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