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Business model


Cooperation Mode One: Transaction Mode
Demander purchases equipment and our company is responsible for equipment manufacturing, installation, acceptance inspection and after-sale service.

Cooperation Mode Two: BT Mode
It means Build-Transfer mode. At earlier stage, our company is responsible for manufacturing all equipment, then transfers to the demander after acceptance inspection. The demander shall pay in 12 or 24 installments (non-residential project);

Cooperation Mode Three: BOT Mode
It means Build-Operation-Transfer. Our company builds paid parking garage and conducts cooperative operation or investment operation with the demander by certain term of years. When operational period expires, the equipment will be transferred to the demander free of charge;

Cooperation Mode Four: PPP Mode
It means signing strategic cooperation agreement with local government to build central parking clusters in cities and conduct business operations of relevant projects. When certain period of years expires, they will be transferred to local government, which can effectively relieve parking difficulties in cities and reemployment of the older workforce.

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