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Production technology


Jiangsu Jinguan owns 20,000 square meters of workshops and large series of mechanical processing equipment as well as modern development system and whole set of testing instrument. It owns not only strong development and design capability, but also large scale manufacturing and installation capability. The annual production capacity has reached more than 15,000 cars. 
As a special equipment operation, multi-story parking equipment demands various special requirements on workshops, equipment, instruments and personnel of an enterprise.
Workshops of Jiangsu Jinguan are high, spacious, bright with good ventilation, double-span width and normally multiple bridge cranes, which is convenient for steel material cutting, shaping, welding, mechanical processing and hoisting.


Manufacturing Workshops


The 6M extra large shearing machine and bending machine owned by Jiangsu Jinguan belong to special equipment of sheet mechanical processing. It is capable of self-processing various types and models of components of multi-story parking garage, which effectively ensures large scale production, improves quality and shortens processing period demanded by customers. 


Jinguan’s passion originates from tight integration of design, technology and innovation.
It integrates with design aesthetics and engineering principles,
balances innovative passion and technology principles,
aims to become the most characteristic enterprise of parking industry with advanced technology.



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