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1. Basic Information

Jiangsu Golden Crown Parking Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jiangsu Golden Crown Stereoscopic Parking System Engineering Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005. Private scientific and technological high-tech enterprise, director unit of parking equipment industry association, AAA credit enterprise of Ministry of Commerce.

Golden Crown has always adhered to the principle of developing circular economy and doing a good job in clean production, and strives to build a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" enterprise. The company relies on technological innovation, on the one hand, continuously promotes technological transformation, vigorously develops energy-saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly production technologies, and implements energy conservation and emission reduction from the source. Through the establishment and continuous improvement of the environmental management system and occupational health system, the company's environment has been continuously improved.

Safety policy: Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management; people-oriented, full participation, healthy development

Environmental policy: comply with laws and regulations, purify emissions, save resources, and continuously improve

Safe working goals: zero accidents and zero injuries

Environmental work goals: no environmental pollution accidents, full discharge of pollutants, and normal operation rate of environmental protection facilities 100%

Company basic information

Corporate legal person: Zhu Zhihui

Company address: No.788 Shennan Road, Tianshenggang Town, Gangzha District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Company website: http://www.jgparking.com

Contact person for safety and environment: Yan Dawei

Tel: 400-671-5585

Email: 879237420@qq.com


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