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Development History

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Incubate, organize and prepare for the establishment of Nantong High-tech Entrepreneurship Center, and start related R & D work



Jiangsu Golden Crown Parking Industry Co., Ltd. was formally registered and established in the national-level Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, and obtained A-level license for manufacturing, installation and maintenance



The first three-dimensional garage project was put into operation in Qingdao. The company invested an additional 15 million yuan for high-end product research and development and expanded reproduction. It has set up offices in 15 large and medium-sized cities across the country, and the marketing network has basically formed



The company moved to the ship supporting industrial park in Gangzha District, Nantong City, and its products are exported to Brazil, Japan, South Korea and other overseas markets



The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, and obtained the industry's highest lifting and horizontal manufacturing license qualification



The only two-story 22-story smart tower library in China was built by Jiangsu Jinguan in Guangzhou, and the company's first four-story smart plane mobile parking equipment was put into use in Qingdao



The company invested an additional 30 million to expand reproduction, established the production, research and research base of Nantong University, and successfully applied for 10 patents for the first time



Successful bid for seven consecutive projects in this area, Nantong Intelligent Three-dimensional Garage Engineering Technology Research Center passed the municipal certification, the company passed the GB / T28001 occupational health system certification, was rated as a private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the company's sales exceeded 50 million



The company was certified by the Jiangsu high-tech enterprise, and the tower lifting and horizontal parking equipment won the "Nantong City Science and Technology Progress Second Prize", and the "Golden Crown" brand was rated as a well-known trademark in Nantong City, and won the best progress award from the parking equipment industry association.



The company's tower lifting and lateral parking equipment has passed the certification of "Nantong's first (set) major equipment product", and at the same time won the "Golden Bridge Award Excellent Project Award" of the China Technology Market Association. The lifting and lateral parking equipment was rated as "Nantong Famous Brand Product" ”, Three projects of the company's tower-type lifting and traversing parking equipment were put into operation in the country, and won the 2013 outstanding enterprise in the parking equipment industry



Became the governing unit and company of the Parking Equipment Association of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association and was rated as "Jiangsu Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise". The Nantong University Masters Workstation was established. The company's products entered the US market and the sales exceeded the 100 million yuan mark. Outstanding enterprise in parking equipment industry, top 20 enterprises in parking equipment industry in 2014



The company completed asset reorganization and shareholding system reform, the name was changed to "Jiangsu Golden Crown Parking Industry Co., Ltd.", the company's new site began planning, the countdown of the listing of the new third board entered the market, the Chongqing Jiaotong University production, research and research base was listed, the company continued to be an outstanding enterprise in the parking equipment industry, parking Top 20 companies in the equipment industry



The company's orders reached a new high and exceeded the 250 million mark for the first time. The new plant preparation team was established and all construction preparations were ready. The company was awarded the honor of outstanding enterprise in the parking equipment industry and the top 20 sales enterprises in the parking equipment industry for the third consecutive year.



The main body of the first phase of the new factory was basically completed. The company has won the honor of outstanding enterprise in the parking equipment industry and the top 20 sales enterprises in the parking equipment industry for four consecutive years.



With its strong strength, it won the honors of "2017 Excellent Mechanical Parking Equipment Industry Enterprise" and "2017 Mechanical Parking Equipment Industry Top 30 Sales Enterprises", and the first phase of the new plant was completed


Golden crown glory continues ...

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